Coal Mining

Minova is a global leader in providing safe environments in extremely fractured and fluid ground conditions. We understand the specific requirements around coal production.

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Hard Rock

Minova is a leading manufacturer of products used in underground hard rock mines. From production of gold, copper and platinum to diamonds and other precious stones, our products are designed to create safe and productive mine environments.

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Strength through

Minova has a great passion for innovation. I'm so impressed by their work making mining safer and more efficient.

Managing Director
Mining One

Lokset Classic Carton Packaging

Capsule Grouts

Single speed, long life, double speed and double length resin capsules for rock bolting

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Pumpable Grouts

Standard to high performance cement grouts 

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Injection Chemicals

Polyurethane, silicate and phenolic based systems

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Sprayed Cements

Sprayed Cements

Sprayed cements that include wet and dry sprayed products

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Steel Products

Range of steel bolts, plates, mesh and accessories

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Ventilation & Air Control

Range including steel fabrications, air flow regulators, seals, stoppings and resin foams

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Technical support, emergency response, ventilation services and speciality applications

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