Carbomine™ is a two component resin injection system used to consolidate fractured strata and prevent the ingress of water. 

CARBOMINE Part A is an alkaline phenolic resin with additives, which reacts with CARBOMINE Part B to a tough hard resin. CARBOMINE Part B is a modified ester component. Free of CFC's and halogen this fast reacting, alkaline phenolic resin system is ideal for solidification of large loosened, dry or slightly moist strata zones. 




Fast reacting

Good penetration into fissures

Excellent adhesive strength


  • Very low exothermic reaction
  • Low viscosity allowing good penetration into small fissures
  • Excellent adhesive strength forming strong bonds with strata
  • No exothermic reaction when in contact with water

Product Options

  • Carbomine A 24KG - SKU NF0000008, Blue 24KG steel drum with 12 month shelf life
  • Carbomine B 20KG - SKU NF0000009, White 20KG steel drum 12 month shelf life


Licensed Product Application Service

We have over 40 years experience in the development, manufacture and supply of these type of products, as well as over 20 years of providing specialist contract application services. All our strata injection and cavity filling chemicals used in coal mines hold the German Authority permit (LOBA compliant), an internationally accepted standard for the safe and correct manufacture and application of these systems.

In addition to products, Minova’s contract services division maintains a large fleet of application equipment including pumps, hoses, equipment/material PODS and injection consumables.

Contact us for more information on our injection chemical application services or download the technical datasheet.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Roof Control



Carbomine TDS
Carbomine Part A SDS
Carbomine Part B SDS

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