Carbothix® is a two component grouting resin for cable bolt anchoring and self drilling bolts.

An instantly thickening, fast curing, two component silicate resin for high strength bonding of solid bolts and cable anchors. The final mixture thickens very quickly to form a tough, interpenetrating non porous elastic silicate. This minimises leakage from the bolt hole, displacing drilling water helping ensure full encapsulation.


Immediate loading capacity

Full encapsulation of the anchor

Long distance pumping


  • Pumpable resin enables load to be taken up in minutes
  • Full encapsulation of anchors
  • Immediate thickening minimising leakage from bolt hole
  • Consistent grout quality ensuring reliable anchoring performance
  • Resistance of grout to water
  • Longer shelf life than resin capsules
  • Injection quantity can be adjusted when fractured ground is encountered
  • Carbothix is resistant to dilute acids and alkalis as well as fats
  • Can be pumped long distances (up to 500 m) improving operational flexibility

Product Options

  • Carbothix Slow Set A 24KG - SKU NF0000024, white 24KG drum with 12 month shelf life
  • Carbothix Slow Set B 19KG - SKU NF0000025, red 19KG drum with 12 month shelf life

Licensed Product Application 

We have over 40 years experience in the development, manufacture and supply of these type of products, as well as over 20 years of providing specialist contract application services. All our strata injection and cavity filling chemicals used in coal mines hold the German Authority permit (LOBA compliant), an internationally accepted standard for the safe and correct manufacture and application of these systems.

In addition to products, Minova’s contract services division maintains a large fleet of application equipment including pumps, hoses, equipment/material PODS and injection consumables.

Contact us for more information on our injection chemical application services or download the relevant technical datasheet.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses


Roof Control

Not for Use Outside

Strata Support


Carbothix Slow Set TDS
Carbothix TDS
Carbothix Part A SDS
Carbothix Part B SDS

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