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To the mining industry we offer a wide range of products and services designed specifically to always offer the best possible ground support system for every challenge. Read our case studies and learn more about our many successful projects.


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The oldest reference Minova has for Lokset® resin anchors was the strengthening of the London Heathrow Airport road access tunnel in 1963 to allow heavy jets to land. Since then there have been numerous applications across the world in mining applications, highway tunnels, civil applications and a submarine base


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Coal Mining: Cavity Filling

High yield grout seals 50 cubic metre cavity that formed as a result of overbreaks during mining.

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Coal Mining: Escape Rise Support

Tekflex, a High Strength Thin Spray on Liner, offers economical surface support benefits over conventional methods

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Coal Mining: Roof Fall Recovery

Emergency Response Services assist with the recovery of the longwall.

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Coal Mining: Roadway Recovery

Minova products selected to backfill a roadway and construct a grout beam over traditional recovery methods.

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Hard Rock Mining: Lining Ore Bin

Tekflex, a High Strength Thin Spray on Liner, sprayed to form adhesive, flexible surface support creating a safe work environment.

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Gold Mining: One Pass Bolting

One Pass long hole anchor bolting system rapidly installs single pass tendon supports allowing for significant production improvements.

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Hard Rock Mining: Shaft Plug Application

Tekseal, high yield foaming grout, plug installed to block the ore pass, allowing access to steel liners in just 48 hours.

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Gold Mining: AirFlow Solutions

Blastflow regulators provide cost effective solution as a replacement for drop board regulators, providing advanced airflow control.

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