Cavity Filling

Cavity Filling


Increasing pressure on rocks from mining activity and geotechnical conditions can cause fractured ground and if not reinforced may lead to incidents of rock fall or roof collapse. Quick action is critical to protect people, assets and infrastructure, while ensuring continued operations and productivity. To improve mining productivity and safety, mines can consolidate fractured strata and fill voids. Our solutions reinforce the integrity of the surrounding geological structures by pumping product into the cavity or void to reinforce the strata. 

  • Pre-consolidation of the ground to reduce risk of unexpected rock falls or roof collapses
  • Stabilise longwall faces in underground coal mines
  • Prevent ground falling during production
  • Preventive measure before mining or subsequent to mining when poor conditions are encountered
  • Cavity filling from roof collapse above longwall mining supports 
  • Cavity filling in the development roadways 
  • Cavity filling behind steel sets and arches to stabilise the ground and prevent movement
  • Goaf stabilistion/isolation
  • Proven product performance with consistency in quality and reliability


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