Conbex HES

Conbex® HES

Conbex® HES is a high early strength, cable bolt grout for rapid advance development.

Supplied as a ready to use, free flowing, blended cementitious powder.  It requires only the addition of water in a high shear mixer to produce a free-flowing grout. 


Rapid strength gain


Excellent pumpability


  • Rapid strength gain reduces the likelihood of bed separation or slippage of strata.
  • Rapid strength gain reduces down-time before drilling/blasting can recommence.
  • Non-shrink, unique expansion system compensates for shrinkage
  • Excellent pumpability
  • Economical, high strength gain at significantly lower cost compared to resin grouts
  • Durability, excellent in high saline and/or acidic ground water


Temperature (oC) Mixing Time (min) Set Time (min)
20 5 30
20 401 60
40 5 20
40 401 30

1 Maximum working life

  • Fresh wet density 2,000 to 2,200 kg/m3
  • Typical properties using potable water

For more information download the technical datasheet or contact Minova.


Product Options

  1. Conbex HES 20KG - SKU NF0000039, 12 month shelf life


Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Cable Bolt Grouting

Bottom Up Grouting

Roof Control


Conbex HES TDS
Conbex HES SDS

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