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Our Innovations

Underground mining operations must overcome a wide range of geological challenges to ensure safe and productive operations. Minova’s ground support solutions focus on delivering optimised solutions that support productivity improvements and reduced risk profiles.

  • Optimised Ore Recovery
  • Non Metallic Face Support
  • Surface to Seam Ground Support - Pumpable cribs, Ventilation seals, Injection chemicals, Cable bolt grout



Optimised Ore Recovery

Surface to Seam Ground Support

Non-Metallic Face Support

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What can cause sterilisation?

  • Unconsolidated backfilled stopes
  • Unfilled stopes
  • Narrow unstable pillars 
  • Economics of mining low grade ore reserves

Why work with Minova to recover sterile ore?

  • ​​​Minova pioneered the methodology to recover sterile ore reserves more than 18 years ago
  • We have a proven application success rate. 
  • Our methods can increase your revenue profits by supporting the extraction of valuable resources                                        
  • Our team help you optimise control of mineral dilution

What benefits can you expect?

  • Increased revenue from extraction of additional mineral resources
  • Cost effective usage of R.O.M waste rock material
  • Providing structural elements of a known strength for mine life extension
  • Improved management of HSE risk 

Find out more and download our latest project completed with Round Oak at their Jaguar Operations at Bentley Mine W.A 




Pumpable Cribs

Minova are the original developers of the technology for dual component long distance pumping, grouting and liquid cement systems.

  • More than 15 years global experience supplying pumpable crib technology
  • Bag capacity 200-500T (Steel and cuttable wire reinforced)
  • Bag diameters 76-1000mm

CIMA Delivery System

  • Automatic batching system quickly delivers product underground - 15min to pump a crib
  • Minova's CIMA plant digital batching system ensures accurate water ratio control for guarantee of design strength and performance.
  • The CIMA delivery system is managed, operated and delivered from the surface minimising the labour footprint.
  • The CIMA system delivers 30 cubes of product an hour

TekPak P

Minova’s Tekpak Pumpable Crib System has been specifically developed to provide enhanced standing and roof support in underground coal mining. The system provides a more productive means to install gate road support in longwall mining operations, providing increased safety for operational personnel and more cost effective mine production. Find out more...






Our team have more than 20 years experience of ventilation design and installation expertise.

  • Minova are the only contractors who have completed live explosion testing of ventilation seal designs.
  • Install ventilation seals in 4-6 hours

Plug Seals

Minova concrete and plug seals can be individually designed to suit the strata conditions and roadway dimensions of most underground mines.Minova have installed ventilation seals throughout Australian coal mines for more than 15 years. We offer full roadway evaluation, seal design and contract installation of explosion rated seals. Our installed structures are fully rated and quality control tested to ensure construction is completed according to design specifications. Plug seals are typically constructed using our pumpable high yield grouts including FB200 and Tekseal. Explosion rated Tekseal plug seals have been tested to withstand blast pressures up to 120psi.

Find out more about Minova's ventilation services




Pump up to 3,000m from the surface using a variety of pumping methods, eliminating 95% of activity.

  • Increased rate of installation and independent from diesel vehicles
  • Limited transportation of materials underground
  • No manual handling requirements
  • Reduced manning levels
  • Hosing system for quick access of different locations in the mine site (via boreholes)
  • Minova are licensed for Polymeric chemical application 

Click here for more information on our injection chemicals products and services 



Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Optimal ore recovery

Pumpable Cribs

Surface to Seam Ventilation

Injection of Chemicals from the surface

Plug Seals

Non-Metallic Face Support


Innovating Ground Support Brochure
Optimised Ore Recovery Case Study
Optimise Ore Recovery with Minova

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