FB200 is a low viscosity, high yield grout used for rockfill consolidation and ventilation seals.

It's supplied as a ready to use free flowing blended cementitious powder that only requires the addition of water in a suitable placing machine.

Variants include FB200, FB200 Retarded and FB200 Slow set.



Fast setting

Quick strength gain

Complete void penetration


  • High volume output minimising transportation requirements underground
  • Up to 10m3 can be placed in one hour, thus minimising labour requirements.
  • Fast setting, minimising hydrostatic pressure, enabling chocks to be pumped without additional support in one shot
  • Yields to ground pressure, thereby reducing stress concentration in strata
  • Rapid strength gain ensuring early support
  • Non-shrinking ensuring good contact with roof
  • Can be pumped from a safe location of up to 200 m from job site.
  • Low alkalinity and safe to handle
  • Supplied in 20kg bags or 1.2 tonne bulk bags

For more information download the FB200 technical datasheet or contact Minova.

Product Options

  • FB200 20KG 60 PAL - SKU NF0000054, 12 month shelf life
  • FB200 1.2T Bulk Bag - SKU NF0000056, with spout, 12 month shelf life
  • FB200 RETARDED 20KG - SKU NF0000057, 12 month shelf life
  • FB200 SLOW SET 1.2T Bulk Bag - SKU NF0004568, no spout, 12 month shelf life

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Cavity Filling

Recovery of Falls

Backfilling and Consolidation

Pillar Recovery

Ventilation Control

Pillar Support


FB200 Slow set TDS

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