Hollow Cable Bolts

Secura Hollow Cable Bolts

Secura Hollow Groutable Cable system (HGC) offers an advanced support system with all the installation versatility of the traditional cable bolts.

The system comprises of traceable cable bolts, fully tested dome barrel and wedges, high capacity dome plate and grouting sleeve. The package is complete with specially designed grout lances and Minova pumpable grouts, to ensure optimum system performance and productivity.


Complete system

Improved productivity

superior load transfer

Customer Benefits

  • Simple to use products, installed using existing bolting equipment, tools and techniques.
  • Improved productivity due to fast set pumpable resin grouting system.
  • Improved product performance and superior load transfer due to assured full encapsulation.
  • Improved system stiffness due to bulbs, along the length of the bolt, at predetermined intervals.
  • Flexibility with grouting media that is either pumpable resin or cement.
  • Improved safety, fully encapsulated rapid set grouted system, avoids working under suspended load.
  • Quality assurance with cables traceable by the heat numbers stamped on the cable.
  • Effectively used as primary and secondary support.
  • Consistency in performance. Tested and proven system, uniform homogeneous mixing of pumpable resin via integrated static mixer

Secura HGC System

  • Hollow 30 mm cable available in lengths of 4.1, 6.1, 8.1, 10.1 metres
  • Dome plate in 12 or 16mm thickness in 200, 250 or 300 mm square
  • Dome barrel and wedges to suit hollow cable
  • Grouting sleeve
  • Grouting lance
  • Resin
  • Cementitious or liquid resin

Mechanical Properties (Typical)

Mechanical Properties 30mm HGC Cable
Core bolt diameter – Plain section (mm) 30
Bulb diameter (mm) 36
Number of Strands 9
Yield Strength (MPa) 1470
Tensile Strength – Minimum (MPa) 1725
Tensile Force Cable (MT) 63.4
Elongation over 250 mm (%) 4.45


For more information download the technical datasheet or contact Minova.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Rock Bolting

Roof Control



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