Injection Chemicals

Injection Chemicals

Minova's injection chemicals consolidate fractured strata and prevent the ingress of water.

Minova's injection chemicals range include polyurethane (PUR), silicate and phenolic based systems which are also routinely used to stabilise longwall faces in underground coal mines and prevent falls of ground during production. Polyurethane products can be injected under high pressures and have a long history in preventing water ingress of varying magnitudes into the mine.

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Cavilty Filling with Minova Injection Chemicals


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Licensed Product Application 

We have over 40 years experience in the development, manufacture and supply of these type of products, as well as over 20 years of providing specialist contract application services. All our strata injection and cavity filling chemicals used in coal mines hold the German Authority permit (LOBA compliant), an internationally accepted standard for the safe and correct manufacture and application of these systems.

In addition to products, Minova’s contract services division maintains a large fleet of application equipment including pumps, hoses, equipment/material PODS and injection consumables.

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Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses


strata control

Fall prevention

Water Control

Cavity filling



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Bevedan® Bevedol®

Two part component, foaming PUR injection system for strata consolidation.

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Two component phenolic resin foam for cavity filling

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Two component resin injection system for water ingress

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Two component silicate resin system for cavity filling

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Flexible non expanding, flexible resin system for strata consolidation and sealing.

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Injection Chemical Application