LOKSET X2 Resin Capsules

Lokset® X2 Resin Capsules

Lokset® X2 system incorporates two resin capsules joined and folded in half for packaging, and is available in either single speed or two speed (Toospeedie) configurations.

The capsule is filled with a reinforced thixotropic polyester resin in one compartment and a catalysed mastic filler in the other, separated by a physical barrier. The rotation of the bolt during installation ruptures the capsule, shreds the skin and mixes the two components causing a chemical reaction and transforming the resin mastic into a solid anchor.

This system was developed to enable full encapsulated mechanised resin bolting, utilising the Quick‑Chem™ resin capsule insertion system. Lokset X2 range is available with any single or combination of Minova resin capsule mastics. Any capsule combination can be ordered and the individual Quick-Chem caps are supplied in the boxes.


Optimised System

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Lokset X2 Product Options:

  • Lokset Toospeedie - SKU NF0000132, Medium/Slow X2, 1500mm x 30mm with caps, 4 months shelf life
  • Lokset Advance Toospeedie - SKU NF0004592, Fast/Slow X2, 1200mm x 30mm with cap, 12 months shelf life
  • Lokset Supamix Toospeedie - SKU NF0000112, Fast/Slow X2, 1200mm x 30mm with cap, 6 months shelf life
  • Lokset Supamix Toospeedie - SKU NF0000113, Fast/Slow X2, 1200mm x 30mm with cap, 6 months shelf life
  • Lokset Toospeedie - SKU NF0000127, Medium/Slow X2, 1200mm x 30mm with caps, 4 months shelf life

More product options are available

Quick‑Chem™ insertion system

The Quick‑Chem insertion system is used to remotely install resin capsules into boreholes for rock bolting. The system aids mechanical installation of resin capsules where hand installation is not practical.

Quick-Chem consists of a retaining cap (attached to the resin capsule) and an insertion tube. The tubes are fitted into the Jumbo drifter, and used to safely insert resin capsules undamaged to the back of each borehole.

Tube Size Tube ID Tube OD Total Length
26 mm (and 25 mm) 26.8 - 27.5 mm 31.4 - 31.8 mm 3.15 m
30 mm 30.35 - 30.85 mm 33.5 - 33.75 mm 3.15 m
36 mm 36.3 - 36.8 mm 40.75 - 41.25 mm 3.75 m

1 Approximate Spin time 2 Minimum hold time

Quick-Chem Product Options


  • Quick- Chem 36mm Cap RD 8 pieces SKU RN0000029 36mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem 26MM CAP YL 9PC RN0000030 29mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem 30MM CAP OR 7PC RN0000031 30mm diameter

Complete System

  • Quick- Chem COMPLETE NT0000039 3000mm length x 26mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem COMPLETE NT0000041 3600mm length x 30mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem COMPLETE NT0000042 3000mm length x 36mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem COMPLETE NT0000045 3000mm length x 30mm diameter


The quality of Lokset resin capsules is assured through a four part quality control program:

  •  Raw material testing
  • In process quality control testing
  • Finished product acceptance testing
  • Quality system management to ISO 9001

For more information download the technical data sheet or contact Minova.


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