Long Life Resin Grouts

Lokset Advance

LOKSET® Advance is the latest development from Minova. Australia's only long life resin capsule offering 12 month shelf life.

This new resin offers 12 month shelf life with significantly enhanced storage abilities in both hot and cold conditions. A further reduction in resin volume will ensure cost reductions in freight, storage and waste.

  • Simple to use – products can be rapidly and easily installed with no specialty equipment needed
  • Productivity gain – rapid anchoring of the bolt to the surrounding strata. Reduced handling and less wastage
  • Improved product performance – high load transfers achievable almost immediately
  • Consistency in performance – a unique design of capsule configuration enabling extremely effective mixing of resin mastic and catalyst compartments
  • Safety – acts as a reinforcement that clamps the individual strata layers together into a single high strength beam





12months shelf life

Reduce product waste

Increase productivity


Lokset Advance is available in the following configurations

  • Lokset Classic: The original single speed polyester resin capsule
  • Lokset Toospeedie: Two separate speeds in a single capsule eliminating the need to use multiple, single speed resin capsules
  • Lokset Long Tendon: Specially formulated resin mastics to aid insertion and push through where long tendon support is required
  • Lokset X2: Double length resin capsule for mechanised resin bolting. Available as either single speed or two speed configurations
  • Lokset Supamix: Water based resin with easier push through and improved encapsulation. Extended shelf life (6 months)

For more information download the technical datasheet or contact Minova.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Cable bolt grouting

roof support


Lokset Advance TDS


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