Our Team

Our Team

Commitment and passion comes from knowledge, interest and curiosity.

The Minova way is to never stop asking questions, never stop looking for a better solution and never leave a customer or demanding situation to someone else. We aim to be the trusted partner of choice for our customers.

We do this by bringing together the best people, high quality products and services. We are a team of skilled engineers and industry leaders who innovate products and solutions to solve problems we are challenged by and interested in. Safety is always on top of our agenda. We provide unmatched technology that creates value for our customers, today and tomorrow.



Strong safety culture

Industry Expertise

Passion to create solutions


Did you know?

Our Leaders have over 280 years of combined experience knowledge and passion to create product solutions and deliver our services. 

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Reliable Solutions

Supportive work culture

Ongoing training and support

190 people in our team

Increasing women in the workplace

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Michael Doyle,

Michael Doyle

Vice President APAC

SHES Manager

Scott Puddy

Global SHES Lead

Robert Hawker

Technology Manager, APAC

Richard Van Laeren 25 years experience

Richard Van Laeren

Snr Tech Services Engineer

John Bolton- 31years experience

John Bolton

Hard Rock Account Lead

NSW Sales and Operations Experience

Robert Holstein

Sales & Service Manager NSW

David Hewitt

Sales & Service Manager QLD

Natalie Halpin

Customer Service Coordinator

Marketing Manager

Mandy Lubbe

Marketing Manager APAC

Sateesha Seetharam

GM Asia

Matthew Wielgosz

Manufacturing Manager

Valmir Winkler

Supply Chain Manager APAC

Doug Pateman

Tech Services Engineer

Jessica Cowan

Human Resources Manager