Plates are designed in-house to provide optimal surface support in a range of strata conditions.

Manufactured from high-strength steel and designed to help prevent loose material from falling between the roof bolt pattern and provide strength to your immediate roof.

Options of each plate type are available in numerous dimensions to suit any bolt type and diameter in the Minova range. Plates are available with or without a hanger loop in black steel or hot dip galvanised. Plates can also be manufactured in stainless steel if required.


Optimal surface support


Variety of coatings

Plate Range

Plate Type Description
Dome Plate

High load bearing capacity, available in sizes 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm square. Typically used with Solid Bolts, Strata Bolts and Cable Bolts.

Strata Plate

Light gauge plate for larger span use such as supporting mesh or low strength shotcrete. Typically only used with Strata Bolts.

Combi Plate

Combination plate consisting of a Dome Plate or a Crown plate fixed to a Strata Plate. Cuts down on the number of items and handling required on site.

Crown Plate

Developed for load bearing capacity equal to solid bolts. Specifically designed for use with M24 rock bolts and Secura Bolts.

Flat Plate

Numerous sizes and thickness available for  use with cable bolting. Single or multiple hole options also available.



Rock Bolts are available in black or hot dip steel.


For more information download the technical datasheet or contact Minova.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Rock Bolting

Roof Control


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