Quick-Chem Resin Capsule Insertion System

Quick-Chem™ System

Quick-Chem™ is a patented insertion system developed to remotely install Lokset resin capsules into boreholes for rock bolting.

The Quick- Chem system aids mechanical installation of resin capsules where hand installation is not practical. The system includes a purpose designed retaining cap (attached to the resin capsule) and an insertion tube. The insertion tubes consist of a 25mm, 26mm, 30mm or 36mm diameter tube and R32 threaded adaptor sleeve. The tubes are fitted into the Jumbo drifter, and used to safely insert resin capsules undamaged to the back of each borehole.



Safe and simple system

Quick and efficient

Visual confirmation of resin position


  • Suitable for any remote installation
  • Available in various lengths and diameters
  • Clear tube enables visual confirmation f resin capsule position
  • Up to 200 hole insertions with each tube
  • Insertions are completed from under supported ground


Quick Chem Tube Dimensions

Download the product data sheet for all dimensions and product installation instructions

Tube Size Tube ID Tube OD Total Length1
26 mm and 25mm 26.8 - 27.5 mm 31.4 - 31.8 mm 3.15 m
30 mm 30.35 - 30.85 mm 33.5 - 33.75 mm 3.15 m
36 mm 36.3 - 36.8 mm 40.75 - 41.25 mm 3.75 m

1 including adapter


Available Configurations


  • Quick- Chem 36mm Cap RD 8 pieces SKU RN0000029 36mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem 26MM CAP YL 9PC RN0000030 29mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem 30MM CAP OR 7PC RN0000031 30mm diameter

Complete System

  • Quick- Chem COMPLETE NT0000039 3000mm length x 26mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem COMPLETE NT0000041 3600mm length x 30mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem COMPLETE NT0000042 3000mm length x 36mm diameter
  • Quick- Chem COMPLETE NT0000045 3000mm length x 30mm diameter

Use with Lokset X2

The Lokset TOOSPEEDIE X2 range was developed for for exclusive use with the Quick- Chem system, and Quick‑Chem caps are supplied in the boxes with the resin capsules. The joined resin capsule system eliminates the requirement for multiple capsules and hole insertions.

For further information download the Product Data Sheet or contact Minova. 

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses


Roof Control




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