Sprayplast is a rapid hardening, single component sprayable plaster used primarily for the construction of ventilation stoppings.

Supplied as a pre-packaged coarse dry powder and sprayed with the addition of water using dry shotcrete process. Sprayplast can also be used for scat control.


Minimal airborne dust when spraying

Non-flammable & non-toxic

Early strength development


  • Designed and live tested explosion rated 2 and 5 psi stoppings

  • High yield and high build material ideal for building stoppings and for scat control of ribs and roof

  • Natural product, Gypsum based, non-flammable and non-toxic

  • Plaster is quickly self-supporting due to a rapid set

  • Can be sprayed onto almost any surface with minimal rebound

  • High early strength development

  • Minimal airborne dust when spraying

  • 75 mm thickness will give up to 1 hour fire rating to AS 1530.4-1997

Product Options

  • Sprayplast UW 20KG - SKU NT0000034, Shelf life 12 months
  • Sprayplast 1.1T Bulk Bag - SKU NT0000035, Shelf life 12 months
  • Sprayplast UW 1.1 Bulk Bag - SKU NT0000033, Shelf life 12 months

For more information download the technical datasheet or contact Minova.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Ventilation stoppings

Scat control


Sprayplast TDS
Sprayplast SDS


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