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Steel and Fiberglass

Ground support solutions are essential foundations to the safety of underground operations and are used in almost every mine today.

Rock reinforcement include methods that modify internal rock mass behaviours by installing structural elements that prevent further rock mass loosening, reduces deformation caused by excavating and stabilises the rock, extending the natural rock arch. This type of reinforcement is an active method of support that includes point anchored bolts, friction bolts and grouted bolts.

We offer a full range of solutions that address the requirements for increased life cycle, ranging from stainless steel bolts to speciality coatings and new technologies. We offer multiple coating solutions for a wide range of bolts that increase bolt lifespan while maintaining bolt performance. Due to varying geological conditions and project applications, a single bolt is unlikely to meet all requirements.


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Strata bolt

High tensile steel friction bolt roll formed into a "C" shape.

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Secura Bolt

Solid reinforcing bar with unique paddle system for improved resin mixing

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M24 RockBolt

Use in point anchored or fully encapsulated roof & rib bolting

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Cable Bolt

Range of bulbed, twin strand, continuous roll and cut to length options

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Variety of plates for use with rock and cable bolts

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Hollow Cable Bolts

Complete system including cable bolt, dome barrel & wedge, dome plate and grouting sleeve

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Mine Mesh

Welded mesh and AUSRO straps for surface support

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Steel & Mesh Accessories

Range of accessories to work in combination with our products

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