Steel & Mesh Accessories

Steel Accessories

Extensive and comprehensive range of steel accessories for steel strata support requirements.




Cost Effective


Range of Accessories

Strata Strap W shaped steel mining strap available in various lengths
Mechanical Anchors Available for a range of rock bolt and hole diameters
Rock bolt nuts Available for a range of bolt sizes and threads
Hanger nuts Rock bolt nut and hanger loop assembly to enable hanging of services
Dome ball washers Used to assist in the alignment of rock bolts with plates
Couplings Round or hexagonal steel tubes to join double ended rock bolts
Eye Bolts Rock bolts with a loop formed and welded on one end 
Service Hangers Available in multiple hook configurations
L Pins L shaped rock bolts available with threaded ends
Pull collars Round collar for use with Strata Bolts to enable pull testing


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Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Roof Control

Load Bearing Support

Service Hangers

Pull Testing



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