Strata Tunnel Bolts

Strata Tunnel Bolt

The Strata Tunnel Bolt is a mechanical point anchored, pre-tensioned and post-groutable rock bolt, incorporating a polyethylene sleeve and grout injection head.



Increased contact surface

Immediate frictional support

Manufactured locally

Designed for installation into a nominal 45 mm diameter borehole, the Strata Tunnel Bolt is available in various bolt diameters and lengths, in either black or hot dip galvanised steel.

The specifically designed grout injection head enables easy connection to the grouting hose with a camlock fitting.  The camlock fitting allows safe grout injection of the bolts using standard grouting equipment. The grout injection head is available in black, galvanised or stainless steel.

The Strata Tunnel Bolt assembly consists of a steel bolt threaded on both ends, with a mechanical anchor fixed on one end, a grout injection head, polyethylene sleeve and nut attached to the opposite end. Both the steel bolt and polyethylene sleeve have surface deformations to assist with load transfer.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining


Common Uses

Rock Bolting

Roof Control



More than 130 Years of

Industry Experience and Knowledge