Tekflex® is a high strength cement based TSL (Thin Spray on Liner) used as a sealant.

Cement based spray material designed with excellent flexibility, high tensile strength and excellent adhesion qualities. Tekflex powder is added to Tekflex liquid through a specially designed pump system for a continuous mixing and spraying operation. Used to permanently stabilise the integrity of rock structures while accommodating the stresses associated with strata movement and providing a barrier to moisture degradation. Tekflex was developed for specific use as an alternative to the use of steel mesh for scat control in underground mining excavations.


Excellent tensile strength

Excellent adhesion

active surface support


  • Excellent tensile strength with high flexibility maintaining coating integrity
  • Excellent adhesion to rock surfaces assuring long lasting coating
  • Easily applied through Minova Tekflex pumping equipment
  • Can be applied on continuous basis with up to 600m2 applied per shift.
  • Special formulation enables correct coating thickness to be applied in one pass and cracks to be bridged if required
  • No unusual storage, ventilation requirements, equipment clean-up or waste disposal procedures
  • Tekflex is non-toxic and non-flammable

Product Options

  • Tekflex White Powder Combo - SKU NF0000078, 20KG bags + 20L plastic pails, Shelf life 6 months
  • Tekflex White Powder 20KG - SKU NS0000105, 20KG bags, Shelf life 6 months
  • Tekflex Liquid 20L - SKU RN0000581, 20L plastic pails, Shelf life 6 months


For more information download the technical datasheet or contact Minova.


Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

rock surface support

water sealing

rock surface sealing

Sealing of VCD's

Longwall face support


Tekflex White TDS
Tekflex White SDS


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