Tekpak Pumpable Cribs

Tekpak Pumpable Crib System

Minova's Tekpak Pumpable Crib System has been specifically developed to provide enhanced standing and roof support in underground coal mining. 

The system provides a more productive means to install roof support in longwall mining operations, providing increased safety for operational personnel and more cost effective mine production.Typically cribs are used for gateroad support.


Cost effective

Rapid installation time

Reduces risk exposure


The Tekpak Pumpable Crib system is delivered as a product and service including:

  1. Tekpak P patented technology includes two chemicals Tekcem and Tekbent which combine to deliver high early strength and support to resist bed separation and convergence. 
  2. The FRAS rated cribs bag, which enable over 400 tonne load bearing capability.
  3. Mixing and pumping equipment onsite
  4. Trained operational staff to supervise installation and operate equipment (Minova or customer operations)
  5. Quality control system to ensure consistent performance is delivered

For more information download the technical datasheet or contact Minova.

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Common Uses

Chock Support

Roof Support


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