Tekthix® is a fast setting grout system used for top down grouting.

Supplied as a two-component ready to use cementitious powder which only requires the addition of water to each component. The combined mixture reacts quickly to form a thick paste for “top down” grouting or post grouting of cable bolts, SDA’s or long tendon support systems. Within seconds of mixing and setting early load transfer is achieved between steel tendon and strata.


Sets in 10 minutes

Immediate load transfer

Pump up to 400m*


  • Sets in 10 minutes.
  • Improves productivity - Rapid strength development to improve cable bolting cycle time.
  • Rapid face support
  • Immediate load transfer support to cable bolt systems
  • Higher Load Transfer performance than single component grouts
  • Delivered by Minova team and Minova equipment
  • High elastic modulus (high anchorage)
  • Pump distance is 6-7 times greater than cements

*up to 200m each way from pump

Product Options

  • Tekthix A 20KG - SKU NF0004548, 12 month shelf life
  • Tekthix B 20KG  - SKU NF 0004549, 12 month shelf life

For further information download the Technical Data Sheet or contact Minova. 

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Top down Grouting

Bottom up Grouting

Cable Bolting


Tekthix TDS
Tekthix Part A SDS
Tekthix Part B SDS

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