Ventilation & Air Control


Adequate ventilation is a necessity to maintain air quality for every underground mine site. For a safe operating environment, it is essential to retain fresh air, prevent cross contamination of return air, and prevent gas build up from cavities without ventilation in place. Minova have provided Australian coal mines a complete installation service for ventilation control devices, stoppings and seals for over 20years. Our VCD’s are certified by a registered RPEQ engineer (Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland) according to Coal industry guidelines).

  • Complete ventilation solutions including site evaluation, design and installation of underground mine ventilation structures and bulkheads
  • Sealing around ventilation structures and containment barriers  to insulate, fill and seal gaps and voids
  • Management of secondary air control of underground mining areas requiring access at a later stage 
  • Reduced dust, DPM and heat load in underground mines
  • Tried and tested explosion resistant steel, seals and stoppings*

*Live explosions tested at Lake Lynn USA test facility and Londonderry Explosion Gallery NSW Australia


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