Ventilation and Air Control

Ventilation & Air Control

Adequate ventilation is a necessity to maintain air quality for every underground mine site.

For a safe operating environment, it is essential to retain fresh air, prevent cross contamination of return air, and prevent gas build up from cavities without ventilation in place. We have provided the mining industry with steel fabricated ventilation control devices (VCD) and services for more than 15 years.

We offer our services in three ways:

  1. Direct product supply; where we design, build then deliver your VCD to site for you to install and maintain.

  2. Product supply and service; we deliver your VCD and provide technical expertise to manage audits and product ordering/stock control;

  3. Full service and installation by Minova’s Operations team to manage the whole process from design, installation, audits, maintenance and stock control and ongoing technical support. Giving you the time to focus on maintaining your operations.



Explosion resistant

Design, Install, full service

Improved Handling Safety


Our focus is to continually offer VCD product designs which are safe to handle and improve installation times. Our solutions are customised to suit our customer’s site specific needs, and engineered to conform with the requirements of underground coal mine legislation. Our range includes overcasts, machine doors (vehicle doors), man-doors, coffin seals, access hatches for seals, air-locks and consumables.

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Steel Ventilation Control Devices

Overcast systems, vehicle access doors, man doors, air locks and consumables

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Airflow Regulators

Primary and secondary air control and plastic regulator drop boards.  

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Ventilation Stopping

Explosion rated and non rated stoppings including Flexistop and Fleximesh 

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Ventilation Seals

Explosion rated plug, concrete, coffin seals and hatches 

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Silent Seal Resin Foam

Quick and efficient, air tight foam to insulate, fill and seal gaps and voids.

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