Ventilation Resin Foam

Silent Seal

Silent Seal® is a multi purpose, two component expanding sealant designed as a quick and efficient, air tight foam used to insulate, fill and seal gaps and voids.

Applications include sealing around ventilation structures, sealing cable bolts holes prior to grouting, small cavity filling and containment barriers in underground mines. 


Fully Expands Within Seconds

Cures in One Hour

Chemically inert

Silent seal is supplied in a ready to use pack including delivery hoses, spray gun and nozzles. The foam can be applied by simply opening the valves of the two separate component canisters, attaching a nozzle to the spray gun, directing the nozzle towards the intended application point and pressing the trigger. Can be sprayed onto any surface in any direction.

The cured sealant is chemically inert, non-toxic and non-reactive. Empty containers are fully disposable and no power source is needed for application. 

Industry Sectors

Coal Mining

Hard Rock Mining

Common Uses

Ventilation Sealing

Borehole Sealing

Cavity Filling

Containment Barriers


Silent Seal TDS
Silent Seal Part A SDS
Silent Seal Part B SDS

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