Ventilation Seals

Ventilation Seals

Minova concrete and plug seals can be individually designed to suit the strata conditions and roadway dimensions of most underground mines.

Minova have installed ventilation seals throughout Australian coal mines for more than 15 years. We offer full roadway evaluation, design and contract installation of explosion rated seals. Our installed structures are fully rated and quality control tested to ensure construction is completed according to full design specifications.



Customised Solutions

Explosion Rated

Plug Seals

Plug seals are typically constructed using our pumpable grouts including FB200 and Tekseal. Explosion rated Tekseal plug seals have been tested to withstand blast pressures of 20 and 50 psi.

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Concrete Seals

Concrete seals are typically constructed using our Meshblock™ system, reinforced by a series of steel rebars anchored into the surrounding strata. Meshblocks are subsequently filled with a specifically designed concrete mix to form an effective explosion resistant coal mine ventilation, water and gas barrier.

meshblock minova

Coffin Seals

Coffin seals are designed to suit various belt sizes and are easy to install. The main structure can be broken down into component parts allowing the coffin seal to be installed in situ.

Access Hatches

Access hatches are available in various thicknesses to suit ventilation seal designs. The hatch is designed for an overpressure rating of 50 PSI prior to concrete filling. Hatches are designed so that the doors can be shut while the operator is outside the hatch. Once the installation is complete and all the doors have been bolted shut, the hatch can be left for filling at a later time through filling ports. 


For more information contact us or download our Steel Fabrication Ventilation Control Devices Brochure or our Ventilation Control Devices Brochure

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